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Smokers Pay More on Medicaid Copayments

If you are on Medicaid or trying to get on Medicaid, did you know that smokers pay more on medicaid co-payments? It’s true. So why not cleanse your system of nicotine and pass a nicotine test so you can get your Medicaid co-payments cheaper? Over the course of the time you will use Medicaid, the cost of flushing nicotine toxins from your body will pay for itself over and over again!

The cleanse we provide you to rid nicotine from your body at Nicotine-Test.com will also make it easier for you to permanently ween yourself off of cigarettes or other tobacco products. So you can pass a nicotine test for insurance or Medicaid and keep on truckin’ in the right direction!

The nicotine detox formula we offer you is simple to use, cheap, and fast-acting. It will literally change the level of healthfulness within your blood cells and in so doing, will allow you to provide a healthier urine sample for nicotine testing too.

If you’re ready to quit for personal reasons or ready to get off of nicotine to pass a drug test for insurance or Medicaid, this is a quick and simple solution with results you can take to the bank.

Let us know if you have questions or need assistance with understanding how the Nicotine-Test.com products work or what they can do for you. Our experienced phone agents can help you understand how a nicotine cleanse works and in what kind of time frames given your personal history and details. Simply call 1-877-247-1354 to get started today!

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Insurance and Smoking

If you have recently applied for life insurance or health insurance, then you ought to know by now that whether or not you smoke matters. So it also matters if you can truthfully say whether or not you smoke, because many if not most insurance companies will test for nicotine to ensure that you are not a smoker.

But how is this fair to those who are not smokers who happen to be exposed to second-hand smoke? If you happen to be one of these, then clearing your body of any residual nicotine is the step you need to take before applying any further for any type of insurance.

In addition, if you have been a smoker, and now consider yourself an “ex-smoker” then detoxing nicotine from your body is the way to go. If you’re no longer smoking, you should not be penalized as a smoker. Because you’re not! By using the nicotine detox system available at Nicotine-Test.com you can pass any test for nicotine that comes your way within a short period of time.

To find out which nicotine detoxer is appropriate for you, call our specialists at 1-877-247-1354. You’ll know in moments which product is right for your nicotine cleaning needs. And you’ll have our support the entire way through the process!

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What to Eat to Quit Smoking

A variety of studies have recently come out showing that what you eat, and indeed, what you drink can have an impact on how much more difficult it can be to quit smoking.

A new study discussed by CBS News and conducted by Duke University suggests that there are definitely things at play on your palate when nicotine comes to mind, and certainly when nicotine is most enjoyable.

For example, the study done by Duke suggests that alcoholic beverages such as beer and other spirits may enhance the portions of your palate (and parts of the brain) that make a cigarette more desirable. Now, we’re not talking about cravings per se, we’re actually discussing WHEN a cigarette tastes its best. Another example given by the study is the polar opposite–for example, a tall glass of cow’s milk will in fact inhibit the desire for the taste of a smoke… got milk? Despite controversies about dairy, if it can help you with nicotine cessation, more power to you (you can always switch to rice milk later if you’re fearful of rBST.)

Interestingly, eating what some may consider a “boring” diet is just what the doctor ordered for quitting smoking (of course!) The Duke study also revealed that loading up on veggies and fruits combined with dairy foods like yogurt and probiotic drinks will actually make cigarettes taste bad, and cigarette smoke smell to you perhaps the way it once did before you were a smoker. Here’s the catch for you smokers out there: whether or not this is true, it certainly isn’t going to hurt your health to introduce more greens and more fruit into your diet. What’s more, abstaining from whole milk-type dairy, and instead leaping for the Oikos and the Yokult will be a bonus even if you can never drop the habit.

If you’re ready to quit, one of the best things you can do beyond diet is to excrete all the existing nicotine and other toxins from cigarettes from your body with a cleanse. Ready? Don’t be scared, just click here! Or call 1-877-247-1354 today.

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What to Eat While Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is very difficult for most people. By and large, one of the most popular side effects we hear about is what happens to the dietary habits of the person who is trying to quit smoking, even if they have the aid of the best quitting smoking detox program ever designed.

So, we wanted to share with you some of the dietary choices you can make during quitting smoking that will not only help to curb your appetite, but will curb your appetite for nicotine as well.

Daily foods should be plentiful, but not more than 300 calories more than you took in on a daily basis before quitting smoking (given that you were eating normally.) Inclusion of more foods that have bountiful sources of minerals and vitamins will help your body restore itself from smoking, and from nicotine addiction. Choices including bananas, grape tomatoes, salmon, walnuts, cottage cheese, mango, almonds, and watermelon are excellent.

In terms of herbs, try adding cumin, tumeric, pure garlic (not garlic salt) oil of oregano (not dried-out oregano herbs) and pumpkin seeds to your diet. In addition, adding flax seeds or powdered flax seed into shakes or onto salads will help to detoxify you faster and aid with nicotine withdrawal.

Another method between meals is oil of clove. Essential oil of clove can be burned as incense to deter nicotine cravings, but also, clove oil suitable for consumption can be taken orally to diminish the desire for nicotine.

Above all, avoid over-eating. While this may seem unfair, one of the advantages of quitting smoking is to become healthier–if you simply replace smoking with eating unhealthy foods or over-eating, you have defeated the entire point of the exercise.

If you don’t already exercise, begin to–but don’t try to be Lance Armstrong overnight. Don’t try to hike Mount Everest before you can comfortably take a few laps around the park by your house. Cardio is a great way to not only get in shape, but to burn off excess nicotine and other toxins in the body; nonetheless, the body appreciates a wake up call before a fire drill.

The basic premise and message are to eat well, exercise, and maintain a healthful attitude in a world where stress is the norm. You must understand that the normal stresses of life will not vanish because you decided to quit smoking, but you must chose not to smoke when these “red flag moments” pop up in life. That choice is all yours, but having a body that is completely free of nicotine will make that choice that much easier to make!

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Get rid of nicotine in your body

pass nicotine test for insurance

Passing a nicotine test is a breeze!

One of the first steps to a new, healthy lifestyle in 2012 is quitting smoking. Some find this to be a serious challenge, and rightfully so–nicotine in cigarettes is said to be more addictive than some class 1 narcotics.

In addition, you may be looking to get rid of nicotine in your body for financial health as well. What does this mean? Simply put, many life insurance and other types of insurance policies will test your body for nicotine, among other toxins in some instances. If you are a smoker, or you are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke, then Nicotine-Test.com is your friend in a time of need.

Simply talk to our knowledgeable staff about what will work for you, given your unique circumstances. All you need to do is pick up the phone and dial 1-877-247-1354. It’s that simple!